Virtual Visits. Real Tears.

We had never had a client shed tears over our work.
That all changed as we live through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Logic Cadence was asked to support insurance companies by providing a platform that builds a connection among providers, patients and loved ones. Their goal is to create a mobile teleconnection software for use in active care settings that enables providers, patients, and extended family members to be part of patient care visits. 

Logic Cadence met with all the key stakeholders to understand their idea of this “connection”. Our tech architects and design team collaboratively worked with each stakeholder to envision the 360 degree user experience by using multiple iterations of the user experience model. 

The first area of focus was with the professional user’s functional needs.

Logic Cadence needed to answer the question: How can we make it easier to collect information and execute a transaction?

We thought about the patient.

How can we make this visit esthetically pleasing and emotionally supportive for the patient? Can we make health data collection easy? Can we create a physical design so the patient can easily view the screens, sign documents and enjoy seeing their family?

Finally, we thought about the loved ones. 

How can we make their visit easy to connect and feel inclusive while occuring over video?

What we developed is a solution we call FourKinds that supports an inclusive teleconnection system.

This patient care platform schedules visits and follow ups, creates and stores documentation, and enables the ability to sign relevant documents.

It does all of this while also providing high-quality video so all can participate in their loved one’s care.

Patient Management UX/UI

An elegantly designed user interface allows users to initiate teleconnection calls, manage appointments, as well as coordinate schedules with patients and their families. 

What was the response?

They cried tears of joy and expressed their thankfulness that others cared enough to create ways to love their family. They laughed. They adopted Logic Cadence’s FourKinds™ software as a new member of their family. They could ask questions, receive valuable information, and be comforted that Logic Cadence was on their side.

What are we doing at Logic Cadence? We are giving thanks. We are grateful to be able to work and improve people’s lives with technology. We are pressing on. We are now working on systems to improve the management of care for loved ones from the caregiver’s perspective. We will keep you posted on new developments but we are determined to help people care for their family. Hopefully with more tears of joy, laughter and a lot more thankfulness.