a technology and design partNer that cares about your success

Logic Cadence is a group of dedicated thinkers, creators and builders. We sit at the table with you and find solutions to the most challenging business problems. 

Our approach has always been the same—to listen, to understand and then to help guide our clients to the best possible tech and design solutions to improve their business and ultimately get them to a better place. 



Our collective group of innovators are sincere about wanting to help each and every one of our clients. We love what we do and we care about getting our clients to a better place.


Designers, Developers, Architects and Product Owners—each piece of the process is important and we all share your pursuit to turn new ideas into reality. 


Our clients are true partners. When we engage with a new opportunity, we listen and learn with empathy and build loyalty and mutual trust that forms a meaningful relationship. 

Family and Community

We support our team members, their families and their communities in ways that are personal and meaningful.


With technology, there are many ways to get a job done. We are never satisfied with the status quo and will go to great lengths to uncover and find the best possible solution to a business challenge. 

If you are passionate about creative technology and making a positive impact, we would love to meet you.

careers at logic cadence

we value our team and offer great compensation and perks

Competitive Salary

We honor our employees by matching their compensation with their personal excellence.

Team Meals

Building community around team meals is an important part of our culture.

Health Benefits

We believe in taking care of each other. Providing great benefits is a part of culture.

New Device Allowance

We invest in the latest technology and tools to stimulate our team’s creativity.

Flexible Environment

Our flexible environment is designed to help you excel in life and find a work/life balance.

Excellent PTO Policy

Our priority is to invest in our people. Our PTO policy ensures teammates can refresh.

we love meeting new people 


Our design group is an integrated team of creatives who specialize in User Experience, Design Thinking, Web Design, Graphic Design, Branding and more. While we are not currently looking to add full-time positions to our design team, we are always happy to talk shop and meet others who love design, technology and creating new digital products. Reach out through the form below, we’d love to meet you.


Technology has always been at the core of what we do. Our Development teams work with modern tech stacks that change from project to project. This highly collaborative group shares a dedication to quality and a commitment to mentorship and education. Join this talented team and build software that transforms lives!

Software Architect

Brief description 

Software application architecture is the process of defining a structured solution that meets all of the technical and operational requirements, while optimizing common quality attributes such as performance, security, and manageability. It involves a series of decisions based on a wide range of factors and each of these decisions can have considerable impact on the quality, performance, maintainability, and overall success of the application.

The role of a Logic Cadence architect is to know what is available and where or how it fits into the client’s ecosystem. The architect must be skilled at selecting solutions and making choices between platforms, languages, frameworks, libraries, paradigms, patterns, and tools. See more information and apply here. 



  • • Sets the direction and steers the development team toward the destination.

  • Creates and provides the Architecture definition (or ‘blueprint’) by applying proven software 

  • Responsible for the integrity of the entire system in order to satisfy business goals while mitigating risks

  • Manages non-functional requirements and verify/enforce that they are satisfied as the system evolves 

  • Leads by building consensus particularly related to competing design and non-functional quality attributes. 

  • Serves as a guide that does not dictate or mandate

  • Understands the team’s related skills and aligns the team for the best result.


  • Knows the software that is available, how mature it is, what it’s good at, where it’s headed, and how well it suits the given problem domain from the longer-term perspective

  • Limits choices available during development by choosing a standard way of pursuing application development and identifying criteria to select tools and frameworks to build the application.
    – Analyze and eliminate options and narrow the focus. 

  • Makes strong judgment calls and decisions around how to optimize design for conflicting priorities and make appropriate trade-offs 
    • – Ensure cost feasibility of the overall solution from personnel/tools/licensing/infrastructure
    • – Ensure the critical security aspects of the solution are accounted for

      Recognizes potential reuse in the organization or in the application by:
       – Having knowledge of other applications in the organization
      – Observing and understanding the broader system environment
      – Creating the component design
  • Defines and maintains the interactions and dependencies among system components
    • – Manage external system integrations and help define the bounded context of the application
    • – Subdivide a complex application into smaller, more manageable pieces
  • Must be responsible for written code and ultimate review of code.

  • Must be accountable for reviewing hosting environments 


  • Works in a critical liaison role, helping the business and technical teams work together toward a common vision while addressing needs to meet stated goals within given constraints (budget, time, infrastructure, etc.).

  • Serves as effective communicator by:
    • – Communicate concepts to the development team and provide the path for build-out
    • – Communicate concepts to the business stakeholder team and incorporate changing requirements as appropriate
    • – Seek feedback on designs and communication/documentation for continuous improvement and assessment of proper fit for the problem space
    • – Help solve development-related roadblocks
    • – Leveraging system instrumentation, teams, and end-user feedback cycles, to communicate and assure stakeholder’s buy-in.
  • Ensures Proper Documentation
    • – Communicate and document appropriately as technical and related trade-off decisions are made by maintaining the Architecture Decision Record
    • – Responsible for setting the standard and ensuring documentation gets done to enable building and supporting the system.
    • – Ensuring everyone on the team understands their unique responsibility for providing technical documentation.

Qualifications and requirements 

  • Possesses the ability to 
    • – Give full attention to what other people are saying, and to use logic and reason to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions 
    • Use strong soft skills including influence, involvement, and leadership across a broad array of different areas (technical and functional).
    • Identify complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions
    • Monitor or assess the performance of yourself, other individuals, or the organization to make improvements or take corrective action. 
    • Define and guide early, the things that are difficult/expensive to change later and ensure that the business needs and pain points are properly addressed by solving the right problems
    • Keep decisions pragmatic
    • Be flexible and able to learn as responsibilities will morph every year as new technologies become available at an increasingly faster pace.
    • Develop a great deal of breadth of technical knowledge to guide decision making by understanding the various options, so they can pick the best tool, language, or method for the problem balanced against known constraints.
  • • Adopt a holistic view to understand how the software system works from a high level, while also getting deep into the implementation details (ability to zoom in and out, as needed).


  • • Integrity — Job requires being honest and ethical. Avoid the problem of vendor Lock-in.

  • Adaptability/Flexibility — Job requires being open to change (positive or negative) and to considerable variety in the workplace. 

  • Attention to Detail — Job requires being careful about detail and thorough in completing tasks. 

  • Cooperation — Job requires being pleasant with others on the job and displaying a good-natured, cooperative attitude. Must exhibit management and leadership skills to successfully fulfill the duties of the role.

  • Dependability — Job requires being reliable, responsible, and dependable in fulfilling obligations. 

  • Understand that Software Architect is a role, not necessarily a rank, although it does require a high degree of technical experience and expertise.

Working conditions

  • Logic Cadence is located in Nashville, TN. We have an open and collaborative working environment that is team oriented and client focused. We offer competitive salaries, benefits, PTO and a flexible work schedule. We are committed to being socially responsible and compliant with all applicable laws.


Technology Project Manager

Do you love collaborating with a team and working to solve interesting business challenges? Can you drive client conversations and manage a team to achieve outcomes? Do you use tools like GitHub, JIRA, Slack to stay on top of a list of objetives while clearly communicating and keeping everyone on the team updated? If this sounds like you—we’d love to meet you and learn more about you. 


Members of the Logic Cadence product team are curious innovaters. They analyze client requirements and lead the delivery of product demonstrations. They also help to maintain, nurture and grow client relationships. Below are some of the most recent needs we have on our team: 

Product Consultant

Do you have a desire to make digital products work better? Do you find yourself thinking of new features for your favorite apps? Are you able explain technical product details and requirements to your teammates and keep your client in the loop of the latest progress? If this sounds like you—you may be a great candiate for a Product Consultant role on our team. Let’s talk.

Product Management Intern

Are you looking for real world experience helping companies bring new products to market, while working within an integrated team of technology leaders, developers and designers? We’d love to meet you.