Logic Cadence

At Logic Cadence, we help our clients discover new possibilities.

Clients come to us for many reasons (web design, product creation, data cleanup) and stay for another… in Logic Cadence, they find a partner who truly understands their business and sees it through another lens. Someone who understands their “why”. Who is in it for more than a project.

We create digital solutions by mutually discovering how to move from solving the core issue to creating competitive advantages.

Logic Cadence is a group of dedicated digital thinkers, creators and builders. We partner with our clients to find solutions to the most challenging business problems.

Every business and need is unique. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to working with us. We begin by listening to understand, and then we help guide our clients to the best possible technology and design solutions to improve their business.

Values & The Logic Cadence Way

Our values drive how we think and the way we interact with our clients.



Building authentic relationships with our clients brings out a multitude of critical details which are all accounted for an systemized.



At Logic Cadence, we are all curious by nature. We seek a deep level of understanding to our client’s business which ultimately leads to better outcomes.

we are creative

how can we do Better?

Whatever it is—we strive to make it simpler, clearer and better. We’re always striving to improve, which creates impactful results for our clients.

OUR People

We embed with your organization to align with your team and help you reach your goals.

our leadership

Our leadership doesn’t just run the company. We are fully integrated into all client work to ensure Logic Cadence delivers the solutions our partners need.

This is why clients trust Logic Cadence and return to us over and over as their digital needs evolve.

Mark McGarrity

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Mark McGarrity

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Never ask someone in need what they need. Seek to understand them. Walk alongside them. And then you will understand what they truly need. That’s the motto Mark lives and works by, and it’s also why one of his core values at Logic Cadence is never to delegate understanding. 

Mark is our CEO, founder and fearless leader at Logic Cadence, and he’s also the guy who has assembled the team that drives change and results for our clients. What motivates Mark to come to work each day? Besides the fact that his wife won’t let him stay home, he loves the opportunity to find new solutions or help someone in a new way.

Some of those new ways of helping people have involved embedding himself on a barge on the Mississippi for weeks to understand the needs of Ingram Barge Company. Other ways Mark helps others include setting up the team and company for success. 

While Mark is a natural at helping others solve their digital and technical problems, you might be surprised to learn that he actually went to college on a vocal performance scholarship. That’s right. Not only can Mark help develop the product for a team of doctors to use in their practice, he could also compose the waiting room music. 

These days Mark is more of a natural behind the desk, but he still leads worship service at church every Sunday. He keeps those musical skills fine-tuned.

Dan Chally

Founder / Chief Operations Officer

Dan Chally

Founder / Chief Operations Officer

"If I were any better, I’d be two people." That’s Dan’s favorite saying, and for Logic Cadence he might as well be. 

Dan keeps things working at the agency, managing the day-to-day and keeping the business running smoothly. It’s a perfect fit for someone who ran operations at McDonald’s Corporate and previously owned and sold a marketing agency. In short, he has the chops to keep us shipshape. 

What is Dan’s favorite part of working at Logic Cadence? Much like the rest of our team, it’s the people he surrounds himself with every day. Solving real and interesting daily problems with people who truly love what they do gives Dan the motivation to show up for them.

Dan’s wife, three children and two grandchildren keep him busy outside of the office as well.

While Dan knows what it takes to keep a business healthy, he also sees the less identifiable strengths that make up an organization—its people. The personal rewards he gains from work are the lasting relationships he’s developed over the years. When you see those colleagues after several years, your bond is so deep that you just pick up where you left off. 

Imagine that—an efficiency and operations man who truly values the people doing the work. That’s Dan in a nutshell. 

Kevin Robinson

Founder / Chief Creative Officer

Kevin Robinson

Founder / Chief Creative Officer

This Chief Creative Officer will tell you: It’s not the interesting work or even the clients that get him to come to work each day—it’s the team at Logic Cadence that motivates him most.

You might think that being head of design or “Chief Creative Officer” means sitting behind a desk or staring at a computer all day, but this man’s favorite pastime is getting outside. An avid outdoorsman, Kevin is up for taking in nature with his family, whether in the form of fishing, kayaking, mountain biking, camping or traveling. Speaking of family, Kevin has plenty to keep him occupied with four kids—three of which are teenagers.

At the office, Kevin loves being able to work with clients across a variety of industries. He also enjoys the diverse range of creative challenges that he gets to help solve every day. On any given day you may find him brainstorming with clients, working with the design team on a new website, helping solve a tough user experience challenge—or even developing new digital marketing strategies.

For Kevin, it comes down to relationships at the end of the day. He is proud to lead such an amazing group of creatives that bring their best effort each and every day.

Rick Wilkerson

Vice President of Technology

Rick Wilkerson

Vice President of Technology

You never know what you’ll see in Rick’s Zoom background. The Grand Tetons? Check. The Rockies? Sure. Yellowstone? Most definitely. Rick’s an avid RV-er with the full office setup to prove it. The guy can talk for hours on end about Starlink. He is, after all, a former senior architect for Camping World, which comes with the territory.

All that traveling in his RV gives Rick the perspective to solve problems and bring new ideas to the table in his role as the VP of Software Architecture, not to mention his expertise in the travel and transportation industries.  

Not to continue to beat the RV analogy, but to continue with the RV analogy, solving problems while RV-ing (there are lots!) gives Rick the ability to remain calm under pressure while leading software architecture for Logic Cadence. It also primes his creative problem-solving skills. 

With three children spread across the country from
Dallas to Portland and Missouri, a nomad life is almost necessary for Rick, his wife Shelli and their rescue Great Pyrenees mix Rosie. 

Much like the rest of our crew, for Rick, it’s all about the people he interacts with daily. Somehow Logic Cadence has found some of the best developers and designers around the globe with personalities to match.  


Do you have shared values and enjoy helping bring new ideas to life? If so, check out our careers page—we’d love to talk to you.