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who we are

For over a decade, Logic Cadence has helped businesses leverage their foundational capabilities and streamline processes to exceed their goals. An outside perspective with your goals in mind can often see patterns, opportunities or needs that might be otherwise overlooked.

We bring the right mix of knowledge, skills, expertise and leadership and align with your team to solve your digital challenges. We seek to understand the total picture and take a holistic approach to serve our clients. The result is a handcrafted, dedicated team that fits your culture and elevates your business performance.

We’ve brought hundreds of digital products to market and led clients through the software development
life cycle

Deep network of experienced technology consultants and professionals

We specialize in healthcare digital transformation and have a breadth of industry experience

Specialists in design, architecture, strategy and development

A flexible approach to technical talent placement that blends with your team and culture

A user-centric approach to design and development 


We’ve built trust with our clients by delivering on countless deadlines and projects and we’d love to do the same for you.

Kind words from our clients

“Logic Cadence is a great partner for web design, development and technology services. They are extremely responsive when we need support and continuously offer strategic recommendations on platform updates and user experience.”
Tracey Campbell
Vice President, Marketing

Kind words from our clients

“Logic Cadence’s work has met the mark across the board. Their efficient work allows their client to be flexible in the projects they take on, which has helped us immensely. Customers can expect a transparent team that gets the job done.”
Ryan Boyd
VP of Technology

Kind words from our clients

“I can’t recommend Logic Cadence enough. They have literally transformed our healthcare IT product. They were tasked with an almost impossible task of making what is very complicated appear simple and easy, and on such they knocked it out of the park. Usability, design, styling… they handled it all. They have been phenomenal to work with.”
Brian Fengler, MD
Chief Medical Officer and Founder


We’ve been at this for a while. Our experience is why we’re able to anticipate issues and build solutions that will rise to meet client challenges.

We are a strategic partner for some of today’s most forward-thinking organizations. Here is a small sampling of our relevant work.

Custom website design and development

Custom web design for an award-winning design and illustration firm.

know before you go

travel courses taught by the world’s most experienced travel pros

healthier patients and hospitals

Delivering accurate information at the point of care when it matters most.

scalable multi-site system

streamlining and simplifying the administration and management of a growing provider network.

intuitive assessments

a modern health risk assessment platform with a fluid user experience.

Technology and development are evolving at an ever-increasing rate. Keeping up with this speed of change is an almost insurmountable task.

That is where we come in.

Logic Cadence brings a varied team of specialists who will help you deliver and achieve your business goals.

From design to development, our diverse team aligns with your business needs and focuses on outcomes to help you scale.

While each client and project we work on is unique, we approach every project with our trusted Logic Cadence process.

We want to help your business get to a better place.

01Understand your business goals

02Assemble the team you need

03Deliver RESULTS