Logic Cadence

We are a collaborative group of people who are always learning and growing together.


Check out some of the great advantages of being part of the Logic Cadence team

Competitive Salary

We honor our employees by matching their compensation with their personal excellence.

Team Meals

Building community around team meals is an important part of our culture.

Health Benefits

We believe in taking care of each other. Providing great benefits is a part of culture.

New Device Allowance

We invest in the latest technology and tools to stimulate our team’s creativity.

Flexible Environment

Our flexible environment is designed to help you excel in life and find a work/life balance.

Excellent PTO Policy

Our priority is to invest in our people. Our PTO policy ensures teammates can refresh.

how we work

key work groups


Our design team is an integrated group of creatives who specialize in UX/UI Design, Design Thinking, Web Design, Graphic Design, Branding and more. We are always looking to grow our network of design talent. Reach out through the form below, we’d love to meet you.


Technology is at the core of what we do. Our Development teams work with modern tech stacks that vary from one client project to another. This highly collaborative group shares a dedication to quality and a commitment to mentorship and education. While we are not currently hiring in a full-time capacity, we are always looking to meet like-minded individuals that share similar values. If you are interested in learning more or connecting, please submit your information through the form at the bottom of this page.

Product & Project Management

Members of the Logic Cadence team are curious innovaters. They analyze client requirements and data—and lead the delivery of product demonstrations. They also help to maintain, nurture and grow client relationships. The specific skill sets required for these positions may vary depending on the specific client need. If you are looking to grow in this area of your career and want to connect, we invite you to reach out through the form directly below.