Digital Transformation

Managing Orders for one of the Country’s Largest Health Systems Requires a System


SignCraft, a sign and marketing collateral production company, began working with Acension Health, one of the country’s largest health systems and soon they were scaling their business to service the entire system and serve hospitals throughout the U.S.

With this scaling came their own set of issues, including taking orders, obtaining approvals, ensuring Acension’s team gave the final budget approval and more. What was once done with a person or team to serve the business began to overwhelm.


We worked with SignCraft to understand their needs, and ultimately, their client’s needs. While it sounds simple – they needed to be able to order signage for their individual hospitals but centralize billing – the solution that needed to be created was intricate.

We understood that we needed to create a system that allowed ordering to take place at a system level, provided checks and approvals, set budgets, maintained branding across facilities, ensured items arrived on time and tracked and billed this all back to HQ. Sounds about as easy as running a hospital itself, right?


We determined that no off-the-shelf platform existed for a need such as this, but that SignCraft could use this platform for other large customers in the future if built properly. Our solution provided an ordering portal, generated invoices, centralized billing, e-commerce, shipped directly, streamlined the process, and took the burden off centralized ordering for corporate. For SignCraft this reduced the need to add people to fulfill and process manual orders, saved on misprints, accidents and writing off product.


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