Solving Overordering and Waste in Clinical Settings 


Too many tongue depressors, cotton pads or basic office supplies at a doctor’s office?

Or worse—not enough bandages, stethoscopes or other essential supplies?

Many might not realize how common the issue is of over-ordering or misplacement of inventory in a health clinic or facility setting.

However, when space and time is limited, and clinical team members should be focused on patient care instead of supplies ordering—it can be a perfect storm for healthcare practices.

Throw in the fact that many healthcare offices order supplies from various vendors and the growing pains of inventory management continue. This is where our partnership with Otto began.


We understood that in the healthcare world, patients come first—and a doctor’s office can’t suddenly run out of supplies, whether it be paper, stethoscopes or tongue depressors!

We worked with Otto to help solve their end user’s problem of ordering all the various supplies for their needs and centralizing it in one ordering and inventory management platform.


Our team created a user-friendly, “e-commerce-like” experience for healthcare providers with several extra bells and whistles.

Tailored client portals allowed for inventory control, multi-level user management, and overall access to key information such as recent orders, current quantities and whether or not commonly used items have been discontinued, or replaced.

After the new platform was rolled out, reports showed that efficiency was on the rise, and facilities were also saving money by not accidentally over-ordering.

Creating this flexible platform applied our knowledge of the healthcare industry combined with e-commerce site development and user experience design to ultimately serve healthcare practices and get doctors and nurses back to treating patients—instead of managing supply orders.


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