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Integrating an ERP Like Guardian Integrated its Companies


As many of our client engagements have started, Guardian came to us needing to scale. Growth is a great thing for most companies. However, it can lead to silos and roadblocks when companies continue to do things the way they’ve always done them.

When Guardian approached Logic Cadence, this was exactly the case. After absorbing and creating multiple businesses, they had a nice portfolio of companies. However, they used original software like Quickbooks and the dreaded Excel file to manually report and manage data. This gave them no way to report across each company and in need of a solution to streamline and automate things.


We determined the best way for Guardian to scale and have future integration would be to implement a scalable ERP system. Getting Guardian off of Excel and into a more flexible environment allowed them to more effectively and clearly manage their business(es).


With great information comes great power. That’s how the line goes, right?! It does here at Logic Cadence anyway.

With this clarity and information for Guardian, they could make decisions more effectively and more efficiently run their company. It allowed them to make real cash flow and workforce decisions based on all companies and see profitability across their company portfolio.

Imagine, micro and macro information with the click of a report. That’s what we provided to Guardian with their ERP integration, ditching Excel and opening up a new world of data and information that could inform decisions.


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