Evidence-Based Care At Your ER Doctor’s Fingertips


We were introduced to EvidenceCare during the early stages of development of their digital product. They expressed a need to improve the usability, user interface design and overall user experience of their mobile, tablet and desktop application. The problem they were solving for was the hesitation and decision-fatigue in ER doctors and clinicians at the point of care. They needed a partner to help them think through the overall user experience and user flow and we were excited to be a part of the process.


As we sought to understand the goals of EvidenceCare—creating a technology-based tool that could customize treatment recommendations for patients—we worked closely with the client’s team to understand their vision and the parameters of the different EHR platforms their product integrated with.

This process involved close and frequent collaboration with the client’s product and development teams as we built a clear understanding and knowledge base of all the possible variations and outcomes within their product.


We designed a responsive mobile, tablet and desktop application that provided an interactive experience for clinicians. It delivered on EvidenceCare’s goals of developing a platform that could be used in real-time to create custom treatment recommendations for patients.

This ultimately resulted in greater confidence for clinicians, streamlined decision-making in the caregiving process, the prevention of bed status errors, and helping to increase revenue.


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