Evidence Care

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Evidence Care

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Evidence Care

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product/ux/ui design

Evidence care

Evidence Care is the only decision support tool for clinicians that delivers evidence-based medicine tailored to your patient in seconds. We worked with Evidence Care to create an interactive experience to demonstrate how logical patterns yield quality evidence based decisions.


UX Design
UI Design
Product Consulting


Responsive Web
EHR Integration


Component Library
High-fidelity Design
Clickable Prototype

Evidence Care
Evidence Care
Evidence Care
Evidence Care

Our iterative process invovles regular in-person, interactive whiteboard design sessions as well as daily stand-up meetings with product owners. Logic Cadence’s ability to flex up and down, and provide design and product expertise as needed has proven very valuable to the product development process. During the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, specific pathways were created, to learn more view them here.

Mobile, tablet and desktop designs

Mobile, tablet and desktop designs were created to account for every end-user experience. Each design was tailored to provide the best possible experience on that platform.

Mobile, tablet and desktop designs
Mobile, tablet and desktop designs

I can’t recommend Logic Cadence enough. They have literally transformed our healthcare product. They were tasked with an almost impossible task of making what is very complicated appear simple and easy, and on such they knocked it out of the park. Usability, design, styling…they handled it all. 

Brian Fengler

Founder and CEO, EvidenceCare

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