Business Analysis

Understanding Data and the Music Business Like a Machine


As an agency based in Music City we understand the impact of the music business on the economy yet rarely get the opportunity to work within the creative realm. Our worlds collided when Big Machine came to us with a unique problem—How can we make sound decisions about our artists and our returns on investment in their careers?


As streaming sites and social media rose to popularity, we were able to harvest more and more data to learn what artists fans were passionate about, listening to and who were getting fewer plays. Radio plays became less important since they were the opinion of one DJ, and fans were able to change musicians’ careers by simply playing their music. 

We were able to harvest this information and tie it to actual revenue being spent on artists. 


We developed a series of algorithms that allowed us to interpret data from streaming and other services to see which musicians fans were passionate about. We tied this to revenue and financials to better help Big Machine understand its return on investments in artists and ultimately make decisions that drove their business.


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