Digital Marketing

Creating More Than Just a Summer Fling for Customers 


Anderson Design Group carefully crafts artwork and prints commemorating national park travels, among other travel destinations. These pieces grace the walls of homes, live in travel journals and show up in the mailboxes of loved ones. Their opportunity presented itself in the seasonality of their digital business. With much of their work centering on national park designs, they became mostly known to their customers through this work alone. 

They needed help developing a strategy to raise awareness for their other products with a wider range of customers. 


Logic Cadence worked with Anderson Design Group to understand their business and its customers and their purchasing journey. From there, we developed and executed a digital marketing strategy that put Anderson Design Group and its artwork in front of the right customers. 

We also created and nurtured leads along the journey. From developing retargeting ads and emails to creating a paid digital funnel, we were able to consciously and comprehensively grow their business. 


In just a few short months, Anderson Design Group’s strategy was set, and we began creating a return on investment for their paid digital spend, showing double-digit increases in year-over-year sales. We were able to combat the seasonal summer spikes in revenue and subsequent drops by adding alternative lines throughout the year and re-engaging current customers. Ultimately, we returned 3.5 times our ad spend in revenue and will continue to hone our strategy to create results. 


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