Design and development

a user-friendly system for Multiple medicare advantage websites


Our client is dedicated to transforming targeted healthcare systems by enabling long-term care providers the ability to launch managed care plans for seniors. This client manages 10+ health plans, covering over 10,000 patients and up to 500,000 providers across 22 states in the United States. The challenge was to create a robust and dynamic website system that could be embraced by new partners quickly and easily.


Our goals included streamlining a site to increase efficiency and improve the user experience so providers could do what they do best. In a highly-regulated industry, we also had to ensure it was easily updated to reflect care provider information.

Our integrated team architected, designed and developed a multi-site solution that checked every box plus some for our client. In addition to having best-in-class design and user experience, this system of websites needed to be flexible and user-friendly to enable plan managers to make changes quickly and push them to each site.


What used to take over 10 staff members and dozens of hours per week was transformed into a process that a small team of 4 could manage efficiently. The new design greatly improved the user experience for users, and our client was able to save thousands of dollars on development and overhead costs by employing our new solution. The end product enhanced the capabilities of in-house staff, empowering them to be able to update insurance, plan content and maintain compliance


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