Digital Transformation

Saving Time for those who Save Lives


Our client manages 10 health plans for Medicare Part D covering nearly 10,000 patients and 500,000 providers. With a complex system that includes various plans in multiple states in a highly-regulated industry, our client needed digital solutions that aided in efficiency, were scalable and ultimately helped their patients.

Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated our client’s need for telehealth solutions that were custom to their business as they couldn’t perform services that were previously done in person.


As with much of our work, we seek to fully understand our client’s business, and to do so we began by speaking with the users of the product to understand how they work and what they need to perform their jobs. We spent time with the nurse practitioners to understand the conditions they were in, including being without or with very slow wifi.


We cut process times in half for annual wellness visits from six hours to three hours and developed a system that could scale with Ally Align’s growth, which it has most certainly had.

The custom solution we created allows them to scale and have an all-in-one solution for telehealth, e-signatures and more, allowing them to do their jobs efficiently and within regulations.


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