Data Analytics

Connect | Visualize | Analyze

Get access to modern, self-service business intelligence and analytics tools that are user-friendly and work for your business.

Key features:

Visualized data

AI-Empowered Tools

Customizable Dashboards

Better, more-informed decisions

Connect and analyze data from a multitude of sources

With Zoho Analytics connectors you can blend data from files, feeds and a wide array of popular business apps.

Intuitive and easy to use

Simplify the complex with a drag and drop interface. AI and ML capabilities with predictive analytics.

Unify your organizational data

Collect data from various sources in your business and get insights from across departments.

Extendable Platform

Extensive customizations are available with a robust set of APIs and low/no code integration with any tech stack.

Interact with your data while you’re on the move.

Mobile optimized tools at your fingertips so you can stay connected to your data, reports and dashboards anytime and anywhere.