The QuadTeam

Our QuadTeam offering is a solution for midsize companies looking for the right blend of knowledge, skills, expertise, and leadership to scale and solve complex IT problems.

What We Do

Our QuadTeams serve mid-size companies so they can scale at the pace of their needs.

How It Works

We identify your needs by first understanding and analyzing your situation. Then, we match those needs to the right blend of resources. We help you manage the project and ultimately help you get to a better place.


Our QuadTeam Service is designed for midsize companies in the Healthcare, Tech, Communications, Banking, Insurance, and Education industry.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“Logic Cadence’s work has met the mark across the board. Their efficient work allows their client to be flexible in the projects they take on, which has helped us immensely. Customers can expect a transparent team that gets the job done.”

Ryan Boyd
VP of Technology, 2Com

“I can’t recommend Logic Cadence enough. They have literally transformed our healthcare IT product. They were tasked with an almost impossible task of making what is very complicated appear simple and easy, and on such they knocked it out of the park. Usability, design, styling… they handled it all.”

Brian Fengler
Founder, EvidenceCare

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