Mark McGarrity

Never ask someone in need what they need. Seek to understand them. Walk alongside them. And then you will understand what they truly need. That’s the motto Mark lives and works by, and it’s also why one of his core values at Logic Cadence is never to delegate understanding. 

Mark is our CEO, founder and fearless leader at Logic Cadence, and he’s also the guy who has assembled the team that drives change and results for our clients. What motivates Mark to come to work each day? Besides the fact that his wife won’t let him stay home, he loves the opportunity to find new solutions or help someone in a new way.

Some of those new ways of helping people have involved embedding himself on a barge on the Mississippi for weeks to understand the needs of Ingram Barge Company. Other ways Mark helps others include setting up the team and company for success. 

While Mark is a natural at helping others solve their digital and technical problems, you might be surprised to learn that he actually went to college on a vocal performance scholarship. That’s right. Not only can Mark help develop the product for a team of doctors to use in their practice, he could also compose the waiting room music. 

These days Mark is more of a natural behind the desk, but he still leads worship service at church every Sunday. He keeps those musical skills fine-tuned.