Kevin Robinson

This Chief Creative Officer will tell you: It’s not the interesting work or even the clients that get him to come to work each day—it’s the team at Logic Cadence that motivates him most.

You might think that being head of design or “Chief Creative Officer” means sitting behind a desk or staring at a computer all day, but this man’s favorite pastime is getting outside. An avid outdoorsman, Kevin is up for taking in nature with his family, whether in the form of fishing, kayaking, mountain biking, camping or traveling. Speaking of family, Kevin has plenty to keep him occupied with four kids—three of which are teenagers.

At the office, Kevin loves being able to work with clients across a variety of industries. He also enjoys the diverse range of creative challenges that he gets to help solve every day. On any given day you may find him brainstorming with clients, working with the design team on a new website, helping solve a tough user experience challenge—or even developing new digital marketing strategies.

For Kevin, it comes down to relationships at the end of the day. He is proud to lead such an amazing group of creatives that bring their best effort each and every day.