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Whether by land, air, sea and train, the transportation industry is growing digitally first.

There are reasons planes get behind schedule, luggage is lost, trucks are delayed…and they all involve complex networks of codependent tasks and sequencing of those tasks. They don’t call us architects and engineers for nothing, and while we may not be building the infrastructure that you physically travel on, we are responsible for the digital infrastructure that can improve your business and your customer experience.

With the global nature of our world today, we’re more connected than ever, which creates greater challenges for connecting people and necessary materials live and in person. Those who can do it well will reap rewards from their customers.

We’ve worked with trucking companies and others responsible for moving goods and people throughout the U.S. Whether you’re implementing technology and digital strategies for maintenance of your fleet or tracking physical assets across the, country, we can help

Transportation Services

Custom dashboards and tracking development

Custom reporting

Software development for efficiency


Web and Mobile App

Embedding on a Barge to Design a Solution

Business Analysis

Understanding Data and the Music Business Like a Machine

Kind words from our clients

“Logic Cadence’s work has met the mark across the board. Their efficient work allows their client to be flexible in the projects they take on, which has helped us immensely. Customers can expect a transparent team that gets the job done.”
Ryan Boyd
VP of Technology

Kind words from our clients

“I can’t recommend Logic Cadence enough. They have literally transformed our healthcare IT product. They were tasked with an almost impossible task of making what is very complicated appear simple and easy, and on such they knocked it out of the park. Usability, design, styling… they handled it all. They have been phenomenal to work with.”
Brian Fengler, MD
Chief Medical Officer and Founder

Kind words from our clients

“Logic Cadence is a great partner for web design, development and technology services. They are extremely responsive when we need support and continuously offer strategic recommendations on platform updates and user experience.”
Tracey Campbell
Vice President, Marketing

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