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We specialize in custom healthcare solutions and services for medical organizations, care providers and startups.

Expertise in custom healthcare software development

The adoption of technology across industries is driving the digitization of hospital services. Our blended technology teams provide consulting and proven technology solutions for healthcare organizations, healthcare product startups as well as care providers facing these new technology requirements.

software product development

Creating new products is one way that we can help improve patient care. We will dream with you and help guide you through the product development lifecycle like our team has done over 100 times! From planning, to design and prototyping, to full implementation, we will be with you each step of the way.

Integrations into existing Systems

Mobile health has added another complexity for healthcare to integrate their systems and platforms. We have the know-how and experience to find the right path forward through the interoperability maze.

From EHR/EMR to telemedicine solutions

We help clinicians by providing healthcare solutions that include digital product design and systems integration. We have also developed products that enhance decision support ranging from fast paced ED care to helping facilities understand effective Utilization Management.

Mobile Healthcare

We have built software solutions for healthcare organizations to connect providers, patients and their families.

Our focus has centered on the clinician’s need to improve the quality of care and enhance patient safety all while reducing cost.

We have accomplished this goal by creating a mobile health technology that effectively uses caregiver teams to efficiently schedule and conduct care while documenting visits in a compliant and patient-personalized manner.

software development for clinical applications

According to the Joint Commission, 70% of medical errors are attributed to communication breakdown.

We have experience building modern, user-friendly health risk assessment tools that empower care providers to collect information in a fraction of the time that previous system required.

This platform integrated multiple systems, removing redundancy and improving overall information flow and the quality of patient care.

Custom Web App Development 

The Logic Cadence team architected, designed and developed a leading-edge tool that dramatically reduced the overall time required to assess a patient’s health. The new application integrated multiple systems into one intuitive flow which was accessible through a simple user interface that leads the user through the assessment process. 


• Wireframes
• Component Library
• Prototype Design
• High-Fidelity Design
• Development

Product Strategy

The client’s goals were to simplify the diagnostic process and improve speed. Our team used these guidelines and developed a deep understanding of the project’s background and requirements.

ux/ui design for nurse practioners

Our team crafted a user interface and worked with stakeholders to iteratively test and refine designs until all parties were satisfied.

Health Risk Assessment

By aligning the work of frontend developers, backend engineers and quality assurance analysts, Logic Cadence developed and integrated clinical health risk assessment web application with a purpose-built interface and secured PHI.

A Streamlined Process and better outcomes for patients

The complete flow from start to finish was prototyped, designed and developed, showing how each interaction lead the user through the process of completing a Health Risk Assessment.



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Utilization management

We have worked with payers and providers to understand optimal ways to match payment definitions to care.

This effort has increased the cost-effectiveness of care by creating decision support tools to support caregivers and also reduce administrative rework of claims.

We’ve built portals and tools for healthcare organizations that educate and reduce reimbursement guesswork.

Clinical decision applications

90% of the world’s data was created in the last two years. The use of this data can transform the speed and quality of patient care.

We’ve designed clinical decision support tools for providers and look forward to enhancing these applications with sufficient data to create more predictive analytics in the future.

Decision support for clinicians

We have helped clinicians obtain the resources to make evidence-based decisions with interactive decision support applications. 

design and development

Using a systematic process of regular in-person whiteboard design sessions and well as daily meetings with product owners, Logic Cadence was able to provide iterative design and product expertise which proved to be critical to the product development process. 

Every end-user experience was accounted for, including mobile and tablet designs with carefully tailored user experiences.


• Wireframes
• Component Library
• High-Fidelity Designs
• Clickable Prototypes

accelerating workflows

• Improving UX
• Reducing client workload with efficient custom processes
• Renovating dated websites and processes
• Creating a scalable multi-site system

scalable multi-site system for a national
long-term care provider

We were able to save a long-term care provider thousands on development and labor costs by employing a custom website solution. 

Improving Workflows

A previously time and staff-intensive pursuit, we alleviated a team of 10 staff members from dozens of hours of inefficient labor every week to a logical process that could be easily managed by a team of four. Our focus was on improving UX while saving our client time and money on development.

Reducing Inefficiencies

Our long-term care client needed to simplify the operation of multiple related website properties that required continual updates to meet 508 compliance. Our team learned the existing state of their technology so that we could create a back end that bridged the gap between old and new. 

Redesigning UX

Logic Cadence’s experienced UX team took the client’s dated and difficult to use website and redesigned it into a mobile friendly web system that’s now as easy to use for its users as its administrators.

Developing a scalable multi-site solution

We applied the proper team to craft a custom admin interface that would simplify new product and plan creation. This framework allowed uninitiated site administrators to quickly and easily update content, resulting in a huge time and money savings. 

Our client needed to expedite the process of vital health data collection while ensuring PHI security. Their current tools were inefficient and limited. They needed a multi-step process to be distilled down into a fluid user experience that yielded better results with less friction.


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