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Who We Are

Logic Cadence is a digital product innovation agency based in Franklin, TN. We offer strategy, design, and technology services to midsize organizations and brands. Over the past 12 years, we’ve helped our clients solve complex IT issues and get to a better place.

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What we do in healthcare

Many healthcare companies face complex IT issues that go beyond their internal resources. We created the QuadTeam Service to help these companies clearly identify their needs and then perfectly match the right blend of knowledge, skills, expertise, and leadership they need to scale and solve their complex IT problems.


We serve midsize Healthcare companies who are looking for a dedicated team to help solve their complex IT problems and blend in where they have gaps.

Some examples of our work

Patient Engagement Mobile Application

A provider network approached our team to create an easy way for the organization to systematically track patient engagements. Our team turned customer wishes into reality by creating a cross-platform application that personalized patient scheduling, reporting, communication, and education in an easy to use system.

e-Commerce UX/UI for Healthcare Digital Content

A leading publisher of digital content for the healthcare industry asked us to update their outdated platform. Our team was able to transform its extremely large content library and user portal into a modern user-friendly e-commerce platform. Our solution was to craft UX design to enable users to quickly search and consume content and enable a fast checkout process.

Medical Supply Distribution Platform

A medical supply distribution company asked our team to develop a solution to provide the information, processing capability, and reporting necessary to scale their business. Our team designed an easy to use platform that allowed the company to effectively manage their increased sourcing needs, optimize distribution, obtain real-time reporting, and strategically design digital safeguards and reports to enable an exponential increase in sales.

Personal Health Application

A Healthcare product company engaged our team to design a new mobile app with a transformative user experience. Our team simplified site navigation, inserted user assistance as part of natural navigation and utilized gamification strategies to help users achieve their goals. The result was

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