Health risk assessment

empowering nurse practitioners to collect health information in a fraction of the time

overview & challenge

Our client needed to expedite the process of vital health data collection. Their current tools were cumbersome and limited. They needed a multi-step process to be distilled down into a fluid user experience that eliminated data friction, time, and yielded better results.


Roadmap and Strategy
UX Design
Product Consulting
Web App Development

the solution

The Logic Cadence team architected, designed and developed a leading-edge tool that dramatically reduced the overall time required to assess a patient’s health. The new application integrated multiple systems into one intuitive flow which was accessible through a simple user interface that leads the user through the assessment process. 


Component Library
Prototype Design
High Fidelity Design

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Using the dual goals of simplifying the diagnostic process and increasing speed as the project guideposts our team developed a deep understanding of multiple systems and teams involved.

Our product development leaders and architects lead the way to organize key stakeholders to ensure the right processes would be followed in the proper order.

UX/UI Design

Focusing on the Nurse Practitioner’s user journey, our team crafted a user interface and worked with appropriate stakeholders to test and refine the designs until all parties were completely satisfied.


A combined team effort including frontend developers, backend engineers and Quality Assurance Analysts worked in alignment with stakeholders and other key personnel to appropriately develop and integrate the Health Risk Assessment application successfully. 

A streamlined process and better outcomes for patients

The complete flow from start to finish was prototyped, designed and developed, showing how each interaction lead the user through the process of completing a Health Risk Assessment.

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