Chilamatillo’s Day

30 kilometers outside of Managua, Nicaragua there is a community that is eagerly anticipating something known as “Chilamatillo’s Day.

What is Chilamatillo’s Day?


There is great need in Managua, Nicaragua, where about 70% of the population depends on low-wage factory work to earn any money at all. 

People in this region spend what little they have on a “basic basket” of groceries to feed their families. A basic basket typically contains rice, beans, oils, seeds, sugar, salt and water. One of these basic baskets costs around $450, however it is not uncommon for people in these areas to make less than $200 from their monthly work.

Amidst these hard times and circumstances, Noel Flores (a talented software engineer at Logic Cadence) and his supporters have stepped forward to create a day of hope and joy that is bringing happiness to kids and their parents. 

Chilamatillo’s Day
Chilamatillo’s Day is a very special day for the community. It was started by Noel Flores three years ago. Noel thought he wanted to do something to show his thanks to God for the blessings in his life. He decided that Christmastime would be the best time to spread this joy in his community because Christmas gifts are often the last thing that families in this region are concerned about.

What is provided?
Each year, 100 kids (mostly young children, some teenagers and mothers) attend Chilamatillo’s Day and receive a variety of gifts and special foods. An example is Valencian Rice which is recognized as a special event celebration food. In the last two years, more items such as fruits, notebooks, toys, and other sporting equipment have been provided to the kids who attend.

Each year, Chilamatillo’s Day grows with the help of local support, friends and family. This event is not affiliated with any organization, church or political party.  For Noel, it is his way of honoring God and simply giving back by making a special day for the community.

In the last two years, others have gotten involved, including Moises Aburto, another Logic Cadence engineer. Moises helped rejuvenate the local school to help students feel more comfortable. Last year Moises helped paint the schools to bring “life” back to the buildings where the children go to school. Moises has more plans for the future.

We could not be more proud of our colleagues in Nicaragua. Taking care of family and contributing to our communities is one of our core values. It is so inspiring to see our team living our shared values in their daily lives and being a blessing to others.