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Suffering from app overload?

On average, a company uses more than 14 different applications to run their business. From Quickbooks to Slack, Excel, Google Calendar, DocuSign and more, the plethora of apps for that can sometimes be overwhelming. Add into the mix that there are multiple apps for similar functions and your teams can end up with decision fatigue, underutilized and duplicative systems and a whole realm of inefficient possibilities.

You should be thrilled with the growth of your company, not weighed down by cumbersome reporting and multistep processes to find pertinent information.

While we’re proud of our ability to build nearly any type of application, content management system or website backend to solve most any problem, we realize there are some companies that have perfected and acquired technologies over time that can mostly do it all.

Until we discovered Zoho One, those systems were cumbersome and expensive to implement ERPs

Zoho One offers an integrated solution that can easily scale for business at an affordable price.

The solution offers:










…all the integrated tools your business needs to thrive.

Why Partner with Logic Cadence to Implement Zoho One?

We’re certified Zoho One partners and use the system ourselves. With backgrounds in app and technology development, we understand how systems integrate. Pairing our development hats with our team’s expertise in operations and a willingness to understand our clients’ businesses, you’ve found a partner who can understand your pain points and create solutions through Zoho One implementation.

Ultimately the effectiveness of a solution like Zoho is measured by its usability and implementation and that’s where we come in. We come alongside our clients and partners to help you apply Zoho’s solutions to your business, and we’re there for anything that may need customization, introduction or tweaking.