Creating an elegant user experience for an online community that wants to learn before they travel.

overview & challenge

Traveling abroad can be overwhelming and all the details of planning a trip can end up spoiling the fun. Bright Trip exists to build confidence and provide expert tips and how-tos on how to plan and enjoy your next trip.

Bright Trip came to us during a growth phase with a need to stabilize and expand their platform, as well as add other features such as e-commerce capabilities to offer gear and excursions to their growing community.


Roadmap and Strategy
UX Design
Product Consulting
Web Development

the solution

We worked closely with the client to understand their pain points and leverage user data to refine and build a custom solution that would not only support growth, but offer a one-of-a-kind user experience and guide the learner through their journey. Not only could users consume content, but they could also become instructors themselves.


Component Library
Prototype Design
High Fidelity Design

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The Logic Cadence team embraced Bright Trip’s concept and helped architect a plan that would meet the immediate growth needs as well as set them up for the future. 

UX/UI Design

Video content, graphics, maps and other downloads needed to be the visual hero, while still giving the user quick access to all of the aspects of a travel course catalog. The design challenge was met head-on and our team delivered a smooth and friendly experience for finding and consuming content easily.


An integrated team including our lead architect, two developers, a product consultant and a QA specialist worked alongside Bright Trip to build and implement a robust and scalable new platform that will accelerate their growth.

empowering a community that wants to learn before they travel.

Bright Trip’s users are accustomed to consuming very high-quality and visually rich content in the courses that are offered. The web platform we designed and built had to align well with this and provide a seamless experience for users to search, consume and engage this content without the experience getting in the way.  

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